Month: January 2013

The use of Watt and DB-meters in cycling and professional audio

I like watching Tour De France in the summer. Last year was dominated by the diesel-train of Team Sky leading the peleton, with guys like Edvald Boasson Hagen and Michael Rogers keeping a steady, high pace up the mountains. With Bradley Wiggins already

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Will Pro Tools strike back at NAMM?

When I went to NISS to learn the secrets of audio-production, learning the software Pro Tools was one of the major subjects, along with electronics, acoustics etc. Almost before we knew what a decibel was, we were sitting in front

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Will multi-touch in Windows 8 have a big impact on audio-software?

Audio-engineers love the look of big analog recording-consoles. The idea of having all the buttons and faders within arms reach is very appealing, there are no abstract menus and layers to worry about, the engineer has no obstacles between his

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